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We are committed to intelligence and security consulting which interconnects services of related intelligence gathering and information technology security & risk management. We equally offer digital forensics and investigation with the best tools that qualifies the establishment of digital evidence and for presentations where expert witness responsibility or services are required. Not with any limitation, our seasoned team of professionals has sufficient credentials to offer expert witness representation in various courts of jurisdiction. .

The eruption of financial technology- FINTech service presents a trajectory of break-through and risk to the financial institutions and to the various connecting clients. We have a team with expert understanding of FINtech service designs and practical knowledge of implementing the technology. The experience came with a deep understanding of the business ecosystem, the risks and mitigating strategies. We will assist in optimizing your digital banking businesses and save it from the precarious situations of fraud other internet related risks.

Manufacturing and public infrastructure services are often not considered in the ecosystem of information technology risks because their processes are assumed secure. That assumption is not true because potential losses in those sectors are multifaceted. It comes in the places of poor inventory management, poor product quality control, fraud in the vendor/customer fund collections, huge financial exposure in the logistics and fleet management etc. The operations technology systems popularly known as OT should interoperate with the ERP systems in such a way that data generated from the distributed production systems can be used for management decisions.

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We have a team of experts with sufficient industry experience in the field of Information technology assurance services.